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Important Projects

No. Client Type of Project Category
1 APEDA, New Delhi Market study of Indigenous Snack Food Industry in India. Snack Food Processing
2 APEDA, New Delhi Study on Marketing of Frozen Food and Vegetables within and from India. Frozen Food Processing
3 Apna Organics Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai Supply of Invertase Enzymes Biotechnology Projects
4 Aqauagri Processing Pvt. Ltd. Marketing assistance in sale of Carrageenan. Biotechnology Projects
5 ASA Sepzial Enzyme Gmbh Marketing assistance in Xylanse Enzymes Biotechnology Projects
6 Cilson Foods Products Ltd., Bihar Survey on Dairy Milk Products & Equipment manufactures Dairy Processing
7 Cipla Ltd. Marketing assistance in Lactase (Mumbai) Biotechnology Projects
8 21st Century Ferro & Alloys Pvt. Ltd., Orissa Evaluation of Food Processing Industry. Infrastructure Projects
9 Ensymm UG &Co. KG Marketing assistance in purchase and sale of Enzyme Biotechnology Projects
10 Engro Chemicals Ltd., Pakistan. Market study of tropical Fruit Pulp and Concentrate from Pakistan. Fruit Pulp & Juice Processing
11 Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Ltd., (U.P) A Study on Fruit & Vegetable Industry Fruit & Vegetable Processing
12 HAFED LTD. Haryana A Study Involving Supply of Button Paddy & Oyster Mushrooms from Haryana State for Export & Indigenous Markets Mushroom Cultivation & Processing
13 HP Hort.   Produce Mktg. & Processing Corp Ltd. H.P Assessing demand & evolving strategy for Mktg. Of Apple Juice & Concentrate on all India basis Fruit Pulp & Juice Processing
14 Indo Gulf Fertilizers & Chemicals Corp Ltd. (U.P) Marketing of Button Mushrooms for Exports  Mushroom Cultivation & Processing
15 Insight Management Consultants, New Delhi Market Action Plan for Exports of Snack Foods.  Snack Food Processing
16 Inst. Of Economic & Market Research, New Delhi Market Action Plan for Exports of Frozen Foods.  Frozen Food Processing
17 Manas Associates, Assam A Study involving product mix & Market Assessment for dressed & cut-up Chicken Broilers in New Delhi Meat, Poultry & Marine Processing
18 Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India. Market Study on Production and Potential of Horticulture produce in North East India, incl. Sikkim. (In Association with AFC) Fruit & Vegetable Processing
19 Nectafresh Agro Foods Marketing assistance in Invertase Enzymes Biotechnology Projects
20 Punjab Agri Export Corporation Ltd. Market Action Plan for Horticulture Produce from Punjab. Fruit & Vegetable Processing
21 PICUP Ltd. (U.P) Demand Assessment of reconstituted Potato-based Snack Foods for UP & neighboring states Fruit Pulp & Juice Processing
22 PICUP Ltd., (U.P) Conducted survey & demand analysis for consumer response towards flavored & Non-Flavored Soymilk Dairy Processing
23 PICUP Ltd., (U.P) A study on projected sales of frozen fruits and Veg. Dairy Processing
24 PICUP Ltd., (U.P) Demand study on potato chips, powder & snack Foods Frozen Food Processing
25 PICUP Ltd., (U.P) Demand Study on Dehydrated Onion &Garlic Products in North India Fruit & Vegetable Processing
26 Rajya Krishi Utpadan Mandi Parishad, U.P. Market Action plan for exports of U.P. commodities (Potato, Garlic, Peas & Arvi) Dehydration of Fruit & Vegetables
27 Small Farmers Agri-Business Consortium, Dumka, Bihar Market Study on trade of Agriculture Produce of Dumka Dist (Bihar) of NATP Fruit & Vegetable Processing
28 Sterling Malt Foods Pvt. Ltd. (M.P) Marketing survey of Malt Extract Fruit & Vegetable Processing
29 Stats International Marketing assistance in Amylase Enzyme Alchohol & Brewery Processing
30 Trupti International (Thailand) Assessing Present Scenario & Evolving Strategy for Fruit & Veg. Industry in UP Biotechnology Projects
31 UP Hortico Ltd., U.P Marketing assistance in Invertase Enzyme Fruit & Vegetable Processing
32 Vadilal Industries Ltd. Marketing assistance in sale of frozen fruits & vegetables as well as frozen RTE Food. Fruit & Vegetable Processing

NOTE: All our Feasibility Reports have detailed market analysis


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