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Suman Project Consultants (P) Ltd. is one of the leading consulting firms in India with the specialization and focus in Agro, Marine, and Food processing sector. We provide complete hand holding services for our clients from concept till commission of projects within food processing sector.

The Company was established in year 1971 and has some of the leading experts of the country in the field of Food Technology, Agriculture, Marine, Meat, Horticulture, Engineering, etc. Dr. Anand G. Naik Kurade, known as Pioneer of Processed Food Industry in India, is the Chairman of the company. The Company representatives are on the board of several Industry Associations such as FICCI (CIFTI), AIFPA, etc.

A. Mandate & Mission :
To undertake and complete quality turnkey consultancy services in Agro and Food processing Sector.

B. Past Performance:
i. Turnkey consultancy including Detailed Engineering - 52
ii. Pre-feasibility Reports - 80
iii. Detailed Project Reports / Studies - 110
iv. Agro-complex / Food Park Development - 02

Suman Project Consultants has provided its services in more than 250 projects in India & Abroad last 40 years.


Our International Associates

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International Experience

4. Awards and Honours

Projects Undertaken