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Technical Advisory

Technical Advisory With the ever growing tendency of the food supply chain on the global level, it has become mandatory for the start-up businesses and entrepreneurs to keep up with the trend. It’s like an obligation to evoke and adapt the changes of the food processing industry. With the right kind of expertise, skill set and technical abilities, Suman Food Consultants assists the client in making right decisions about the project. Our consultancy services also include helping the client to understand the technicalities involved in order to make a Food Processing Plant function.

Our consultancy agency is well-experienced and helps our clients to make decisions based on the ongoing trends and opportunities in the food processing industry. But the advisory role of our team isn’t just limited to help the client in choosing the best project but it also includes providing solutions for their specific needs or requirements. All these services can be availed by green field projects along with those ongoing projects which are searching for a possibility to expand the area of operations.

What does our technical advisory services include?
  • Comprehensive Project Report/study of Techno-Economic Feasibility.
  • Consultation on financial services like loans and subsidies.
  • Consultation on Regulatory processes.
  • Consultation on Regulatory processes.
  • Pre-DPR studies which also consist of Project profiles.