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Merger & Acquisition

Merger & Acquisition Apart from offering consultancy services, our company strives to provide a platform where new and growing businesses in the food processing industry can come together and combine through merger and acquisition. Here are some of the opportunities facilitated by the company as an initiative to promote our idea of bringing businesses together.

If you’re looking to make a sale:
  • Multi fruit pulp and concentration plant - 5MT/ HR
  • Plant for ready to be consumed products like sauces, pastes, jam and jelly
  • Mixed fruit pulp plant- 6MT/ HR
  • Plant for mushroom processing- 18,000 MT/ per annum
  • Dehydration plant for Onion and Garlic- 10 MT/ Day
  • Product line for frozen vegetables

If you’re looking to make a purchase:
  • Processing plant for spices
  • Consumable products (sauces) processing plant